Monday, May 25, 2009

Shopping List Video

Since one disappointed buyer on XStreet left a negative review of the Neko Shopping List & pencil combo, I thought I should do something to provide a better beforehand view of the writing animation in motion and made this little video:

I hope this helps somebody to think better before parting from their hard earned Lindens for our poorly produced wares. (Still, we have also raised the pressure on the little kittens in the sweatshops who produce the trash to perform better - or else!)

On the other hand we don't intend to do anything about the "incredibly high price tag". So sowwy ^c^

Although I do have to admit, being one of my first animations ever it IS jumpy AND may require adjusting of the pencil to the avatar and medium to write on (Duh). There.

If you still think it's a good idea to get this piece of faulty stationery, click here to visit XStreetSL.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Mechakitty Outlet at Nekopolis

The beautiful Neko island of Nekopolis has a new shop - Mechakitty Design moved from the 25-prim outdoors stand into a 50-prim shop: Follow this SLUrl to teleport right now.

Nekopolis is the location of the Neko Gear main store and offers a variety of other stores around it - and a kind of park / event area on top of the flat roof of the basement-ish built Neko Gear shop.
In that park you can find one of our fine free beverage dispensing machines, btw. Look for the owl!